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Monday, 9 November 2009

A jazzed up greek myth

the beginning of the end - prologue

A feather. That's all that was left of her, and it hurt to much to even pick it up, i just had to walk away. They say that when you lose someone close to you you feel loads of different emotions all at once but only one feeling went through me and although it was painfully intense it was definitely only one feeling. If it is even a feeling. . . . Darkness. . . . . .like everyone had just taken the floor out from under me and turned out all the lights and i was just falling . But where was i going ?. . . . . . . . further, further. . . . .STOP at the very bottom of hopelessness, how else can i describe it. it's all i could feel. she was my sister and she was gone and if i sound like a wuss or at all weak in any way i don't care because i wonder What you would feel like if someone had just broken you're legs and left you there at the bottom of a black ditch somewhere, except there's no visible way out. Useless . why is this happening ? i shouldn't be torchering myself, even if i do feel like i should.

If she was murdered, Hell Hath No Fury Like a Hermia
and if she wasn't. Well then I'd better not ever meet death otherwise no one will ever die again.
except, maybe me. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Ask death to get rid of me and give everyone else immortality and whether or not its actually a good thing or not, wont be my concern . . . . . . . .I'll be dead.

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